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Vacation in San Francisco
With baby Devana Brown
North Head Lighthouse Cliff

Family Portrait 1997

Christmas Portrait 1994
Ferry to Victoric BC, 1996

Jen, Becky and Leslie
Mt Hood
On the slopes

Newport Oregon
Cougar, Washington


Early Self-Portrait

Memorial Day 1994
Sailing on Yale Lake

Vancouver Lake, Washington
Mt Hood, 1997
BC, 1996
Mt Hood

Christmas Portrait, 1996
Christmas, 1998
Ft. Stevens State Park
San Francisco

Yale Lake
Our first and only cat - Sassy
Glamour shot
Glamour shot
Glamour shot

Astoria Column
Coxcomb Hill
River Beach
Beach Photo
View from the New Home
Taken during the house construction from the top floor,

Trip to Newport
Second Date Photo
First Photo
Technically the second date - but the first photo taken by Chris of Jen.
South Jetty


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