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Family Christmas
Precious little girl!
I gave my daughter my smile!
Reading already!
Love my teddy!

So cute with raggedy andy
Playing with puppy
Playing with kittens
With grandma

Look at those bangs!
The whole family - all dressed up!
Beautiful girl
The whole family
Being silly with the family

the whole family 06
the siblings all bundled up
the playhouse 1
the kids on a rock
Hanging out

The family
The family
Hanging out with the family
Big happy family
Hanging out with the fam

The bus
The bus
Just walking along
All I want for christmas is my two front teeth!
Smily baby girl

Beautiful baby girl
Hanging out with my brothers
Strike a pose!
siblings black and white 2
High school

High school
school 13
school 12
school 11
school 10

school 09
school 08
school 07
school 04
school 03

school 01

professional family photo

prof. black & white siblings
prof pics
prof pics 2
pretty blue dress
playing xmas

playing with blocks
playing on the rug
playing in the pool
playing in the pool 2

on mom's lap
on grandpas lap
on a chain
on a bike
missing teeth 2

messy face
Looks like Hope
laying in wagon
laughing baby

jen with braids01
jen mischevious
jen in a box01
jen baby
jen and friend

jen and brother
jen and brother 2
in the sunshine
in the snow
in the forest

in a wagon
graduation 3
grad 6
grad 5

grad 4
goofy goggles
goofy 2
going to church
gathering outside

fun in the snow
family xmas picture
family xmas pic 2
family picture
family pic at church

family outing 01
family in blue
family christmas
family back and white

eating lunch
eating apple
cuddled up
christmas presents

chior 2
cheer 9
cheer 6
cheer 4
cheer 3

cheer 2
carrying a log
carrying a log 2
buncha kids 2

bunch of kids
brothers & sister
blowing out candles
big smile
bday party

baby shot 3
baby face
baby bottle
at the table xmas
at piano

another family photo
all the kids01
acting goofy
a cannon

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