Journey of the Keys


Journey of the Keys

When I reached the summit of Mt Tai on my birthday in November 2011 I was met with a flood of emotions. It wasn't just the 7200 steps up the sacred Chinese Mountain or the spectacular views that compelled emperors for a thousand years to climb its peaks each spring. Many were surprised that I would take this trip three months after she passed, but for for me it signified the end of a journey.

We had spoken of climbing the mountain and its many stairs together, but that was never meant to be. Through the hours of climbing I remembered her. Remembered her attitude for life. Remember that in all things to be grateful and content. Remebered her smile and her deep love for me.

When I reached the Jade Emperors Peak I purchased a brass lock and had her name engraved. According to legend you are then to throw your keys into a valley far away, for the lock seals your love spoken on the mountain.

Chris Womack Loves Jen  11/10/11

The lock was left with thousands of others at the summit within the shrine.

I left the mountain with the keys safely in my pocket and with a small jade stone from the summit. My intention that day was to return to the coast of Oregon and share that memory and drop the token into the ocean by her memorial.

To the Ocean...

The keys were secured to the jade stone and dropped into the ocean near her Memorial Cube on August 16, 2012.

We will love and honor her memory forever.

   -In loving memory, Chris

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